News icon Senator Mitchell releases new memoir

The Mitchell Institute is featured in Senator George J. Mitchell’s newly released memoir, The Negotiator. In detailing his experiences, the Senator devotes a chapter to the establishment of the Mitchell Institute, which he often describes as, other than his family, his proudest accomplishment in his successful career. The chapter also includes the stories of Mitchell Scholar Alumni Jessica Boyle, Eric Haskell, and Stephanie Littlehale, who represent just a few of the remarkable young Maine students whom the Mitchell Scholarship has assisted since its creation in 1995.

The Negotiator features compelling, poignant, enlightening stories from former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell about growing up in Maine, his years in the Senate, working to bring peace to Northern Ireland and the Middle East, and what he’s learned about the art of negotiation during every stage of his life.

For more information about the Senator’s memoir, please click here. The Negotiator is available online and at bookstores across the country.